The campaign takes place in the Eldryxius Galaxy, in the Eldryxia Solar System, on the planet Eldryx, although there are nine planets in total. Space travel is almost possible as technology has been advancing using magic and long distance planetary travel can be done via World Gates as per "fast travel". Most of the races that exist here in this solar system have joined with other races, creating factions and warring with rival factions for dominance over the galaxy. As this all takes place, a mysterious force has awoken and has been manipulating the barriers between planes causing erratic behavior. If something is not done soon then it is possible that all of the planes of existence could collide and become one. Plus on a side note, it seems all the deities have disappeared so they wont be of any help.


This campaign starts at level 2 and all classes and races are available but no homebrew allowed however I will allow race building but no more than 20 race points (RP) and consult me with the details.

P.S. -This is a hardcore campaign so its better if you are experienced, especially when it comes to improvisation. However I will allow newer players to join. Also this campaign has a slight magicpunk style feel to it and has a large mixture of genre involved so don't be surprised.



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Planar War Chronicles

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